Passionate motorcycle enthusiast
Experienced Motorcycle Rider
Motorcycle Touring
Motorcycle Maintenance


  • Ernest has proudly owned and ridden the following motorcycles:
    • Honda CB500F (2016) - 25 thousand kilometres.
    • Honda NC750X (2018 Manual gearbox) - 20 thousand kilometers.
    • Honda CRF1000 Africa Twin (2018 manual gearbox) - 99 thousand kilometers.
    • Honda CB500X (2022) - 58 thousand kilometers and counting.
  • Enjoys doing most of the maintenance and service on his motorcycles himself.
  • Throughout his extensive travels around Europe, Ernest has experimented with and evaluated hundreds of different gear types and motorcycle-related products, gaining a wealth of knowledge.  Now, he's eager to share this treasure trove of insights and experiences with fellow riders, offering guidance and advice to those who share the passion for motorcycling.


Ernest has been passionate about motorcycles since childhood. His first two-wheel freedom machine was a 50cc 2-stroke Soviet moped named DELTA which couldn't make 20 kilometres without breaking. Ernest had to learn how to fix it and search for replacement parts at local mechanic shops and developed a passion for servicing his motorcycles himself. Nowadays Ernest enjoys traveling and firmly believes that the most authentic way to experience a country is by exploring its backroads on a motorcycle. This approach allows him to fully immerse himself in the landscape and culture. He combines his rides with camping, which deepens his connection to the natural surroundings. Moreover, Ernest values the unique opportunity to meet and interact with local people during his travels, enriching his journey with their stories and perspectives. This blend of motorcycle exploration, camping, and local engagement forms the core of his travel philosophy.

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