How to Keep your feet warm Riding a Motorcycle

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Hey there! 👋🏻 Are you tired of cold feet while riding your motorcycle? Do you want to keep your feet warm and comfortable during those chilly rides?

The solution to your cold feet problem is right here in the form of heated motorcycle socks and insoles.

Why use heated socks or insoles, you may ask? Because the wind can make the temperature feel much colder than it actually is. And since your feet are exposed to the wind due to most motorcycle aerodynamics, the wind quickly cools feet down to an uncomfortable level.

Best insoles


Best Single-Use Warmers


Criteria to Consider when Choosing Heated Socks and Insoles to Use on Motorcycle

Some important specs that heated socks and insoles should have include:
1. Battery capacity (Ah), unless they are wired into the bike through SAE connector or USB
2. Adjustable heat settings
3. Length (for socks)
4. Heating surface area
5. Waterproofness

Using heated socks or insoles will also prevent the rest of your body from getting cold as it tries to maintain the temperature in your feet.

Additionally, there are chemical heat packs that you may insert under clothes or inside shoes in the areas where you want to warm up.

Heated socks improve passive safety while riding by improving overall comfort, as cold feet add to fatigue and distract you from focusing on the road.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best battery heated socks, best battery heated insoles, and best plug-in heated insoles for motorcycle riding that are sure to keep your feet toasty warm on your next ride!

Heated Motorcycle Socks and Insoles

Best Battery-powered Heated Socks

#1 MRAWARM + Batteries + Charger

Waterproofness: ❌ No
Battery Capacity (Wh): 9Wh for each sock
Wired into bike SAE connector: ❌ No
Chemical: ❌ No
Heat Settings:
⚠️ 1 (No adjustment)

Benefits & Features

✅ Most Convenient for long-term use. It uses 3 AA batteries for each sock. They can be quickly swapped when they run out of juice.

I recommend buying a bunch of rechargeable AA batteries with a battery charger and simply keeping 12-24 of these under your seat or in your motorcycle jacket pockets or in your tail bag or top box. You can recharge these batteries on the go if you find a compatible AA battery charger that will connect to your bike’s USB charger or SAE connector.

Alternatively, you can use a portable jump starter that doubles as a Power bank to recharge these AA batteries inside your panniers.

✅ Improves passive safety on the road by boosting your comfort and making you more aware of your surroundings. If your body does not need to spend lots of energy on heating your feet – you have more energy overall to focus more on the road and scenery.

⚠️ No heat adjustment settings. If it gets too warm – you will have to stop on the side of the road and turn them off. Then ride for 20 minutes and if your feet get cold, stop again and turn back on. Not ideal, but still a total game-changer for cold-weather riding.

❌ Not Waterproof, better use these with waterproof boots.

Best Plug-in USB Heated Insoles

#2 Nuonove

Waterproofness: ⚠️ Not applicable
Battery Capacity (Wh): your Powerbank Ah
Wired into bike:
✅ Yes (USB)
Chemical: ❌ No
Heat Settings:
⚠️ 1 setting (40-50°C)

Benefits & Features

✅ Most Convenient heated insoles for use on motorcycles. Connect to your own power bank and put it into your pants pocket. Alternatively, plug it into your bike’s USB charger while you are riding.

✅ If you decide to stop and go for a walk you can keep these insoles turned on by connecting them to the power bank in your pocket.

✅ No battery charging and replacement if you are using your bike’s USB charger.

✅ No need to stop on side of the road to turn on or off as with heated socks. In most cases, you can easily connect or disconnect the USB plug on the go without stopping if it gets too warm.

⚠️ No heat settings. However, the base heat setting (40-50°C) works well for me on chilly mornings.

Best Single Use Air-Activated Insoles

#3 HotHands (5 Pairs)

Waterproofness: ⚠️ Not applicable
Battery Capacity (Ah):
⚠️ Not applicable
Wired into bike:
⚠️ Not applicable
✅ Yes
Heat Settings:
Depends on air exposure

Benefits & Features

✅ Works for 9 hours after opening the package, shacking, and exposing it to the air.

✅ There are 5 pairs in the pack. They get hot within 15-30 minutes of opening the package with each pair. No need to charge.

✅ Can be used without running the motorcycle engine for power or using Powerbanks. You can bring these with you all the time and use them only when you need them. For example, you can use them inside your sleeping bag at night if you are camping if it gets cold at night.

⚠️ Do Not Apply Directly to The Skin

⚠️ One-time use – throw away with garbage after use.

Worth Mentioning


Waterproofness: ❌ No
Battery Capacity (Wh):
8 Wh each
Wired into bike:
❌ No
❌ No
Heat Settings:
3 heat settings

Benefits & Features

✅ An app for your phone that lets you control the heat settings remotely. While I find it hilarious that there is an app for socks, it really isn’t very practical.

It’s not safe to use while riding because it requires too many actions to open and takes your attention away from the road. Even when stopped on the side of the road, it’s quicker to just press the button on the socks than to use the app on your phone.

✅ 3 Heat settings – great for different weather conditions. Using the lowest setting if the outside temperature is around 15°C and the highest setting if it is closer to 0°C adds more comfort during spring and autumn riding.

⚠️ Long warm-up time (around 15 min, but once they got warm they stay warm for 6-10 hours depending on the selected heat setting.)

⚠️ Hard to find replacement batteries and stock ones are not reliable based on user reviews.

Worth Mentioning (Battery-Powered Heated insoles)

#5 Thermrup

Waterproofness: ⚠️ Not applicable
Battery Capacity (Wh): 14.8 Wh each
Wired into bike:
❌ No
⚠️ Not applicable
Heat Settings:
4 heat settings

Benefits & Features

✅ Long lasting – heating element is made from rubber making it more durable if you do lots of walking or running.

✅ Custom cut to required size for tight fit inside your shoes.

✅ 4 heat settings that may be selected through one simple button on the battery.

⚠️ Heating element the same for all feet sizes. This benefits smaller feet sizes since heating surface is proportianly bigger for person with smaller feet size. I do not recommend these is you have larger that average feet.

⚠️ Not possible to use aftermarket replacement batteries or Powerbank. Thermrup comes with custom batteries with integrated heat setting controller. If something hapens with battery – the unit becomes unusable.

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