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Hey There! 👋 Motorcycle’s rear fender exists to deflect the dirt kicked up by the rear wheel.

Without a rear fender, this dirt will either end up on your back, especially if the road is wet after rain and your bike has a short tail-end. Or make your bike’s swingarm and rear end dirty leading to more time spent cleaning your bike.

Note that the rear fender may fully remove dirt thrown up onto your back. However, it won’t fully protect your bike’s rear end from getting dirty. I recommend looking up a rear wheel hugger for your bike model if you want to protect the rear shock from dirt thrown by the rear wheel.

Additionally, you can use a ceramic coating on your bike to make it harder for dirt to stick. This way your bike will be harder to get dirty in the first place and dirt will fall off easier during washing. It pays off in the long term by saving you the time you spend on cleaning your bike.

A good motorcycle rear fender should have the following properties:

  • Lightweight – rear fender is attached to the swingarm so it becomes an additional unsprung mass that will be managed by your shock. The lighter it is the better for your bike’s suspension. This is where plastic is better than metal.
  • Width – rear fender should be slightly wider than your rear tire. This way it will offer max protection without ruining the looks of your bike. Most adventure bike tires are 150mm wide and for street and sport bikes, the rear tire width is usually 160-190mm. Aim for an additional 20mm in width when choosing the rear fender for your bike.
  • Mount length – it should be sufficient to cover the radius of your bike’s wheel plus tire height. Check if your bike has a 17 or 18-inch rim when choosing the rear fender.

Here are universal rear fenders for motorcycles for you to check:

Motorcycle Rear Fenders

Best Overall


Weight: 1100 grams
Attachment type: Rear wheel axle nut
Fender Length/Width: 300/180mm
Compatible wheel size: 17-inch rim
Covers tire size:

Benefits & Features

✅ Universal fit to any motorcycle with chain final drive that has a two-sided swingarm.

✅ Super easy installation. Just undo the rear axle mount, put the mounting bracket, and screw back the axle nut. The remaining fender parts are simple bolt-on attachments.

⚠️ Has metal parts that increase weight. Additional 1400 grams attached to the swingarm will negatively affect how quickly the rear wheel is able to mimic the road surface.

⚠️ Lacks side-to-side adjustability. You can use spacers and washers with longer bolts to center the fender to the middle of the rear wheel.

Runner Up

#2 Ymiko

Weight: 1310 grams
Attachment type: Rear wheel axle nut
Fender Length/Width: 355/180mm
Compatible wheel size: 17/18-inch rims
Covers tire size:
120-160 Width / 60-80 Height

Benefits & Features

✅ Fits both 17 and 18-inch rims. Simply slide it front to back to adjust the gap between the tire and the fender. Leave at least a 15mm gap to prevent rocks that may get stuck in the tire from breaking the plastic fender.

✅ Has an additional fixation nut that provides additional attachment security. This prevents this mudguard from turning up and down with the wheel.

If your bike has knobby tires installed and you ride on dirt roads, the dirt may clog the knobs and cover the space between the mudguard and the tire, causing it to slightly turn with the wheel.

In some cases, it may even break the plastic mudguard so make sure you leave a decent gap between the wheel and the mudguard, especially if you ride offroad.

✅ Nice carbon fiber finish.

⚠️ Metal mounting systems. Metal is a strong and reliable material, but adds weight to the rear suspension’s unsprung mass.

Best for Scooters

#3 Kuuleyn

Weight: 1030 Grams
Attachment type: Axle Bolt-on
Fender Length/Width: 100/60mm
Compatible wheel size:
⚠️ 14-inch
Covers tire size:
120 Width

Benefits & Features

✅ The mounting bracket is made from stainless steel which is corrosion resistant. Parts located near wheels often get scratched and sandblasted by dust and rocks lifted by the wheel as you ride. Stainless steel adds weight but at least it won’t corrode when this cheap paint falls off.

⚠️ This fender fits smaller wheel sizes. It will not fit on a 17-inch wheel. Should be used for scooters with smaller wheels.

Worth Mentioning

#4 Qiilu

Weight: 1030 Grams
Attachment type: Axle Bolt-on
Fender Length/Width: 350/190mm
Compatible wheel size: 17-inch rim
Covers tire size:
up to 160 width

Benefits & Features

✅ Bigger version of Kuuleyn. Will fit a 17-inch wheel.

✅ Mounting Bracket made of stainless steel.

Lightest Rear Fender

#5 MoreChioce

Weight: 740 grams
Attachment type: Axle Bolt-on
Fender Length/Width: 300/180mm
Compatible wheel size: 17-inch rim
Covers tire size:
up to 160 width

Benefits & Features

✅ Lightweight. 740 grams is the lowest weight on this list. While it is not the most durable, it is the most suspension friendly.

⚠️ Attaches to the axle on 2 sides. Does not look as cool as a single-sided attachment, however, this is how it is the lightest. Single-sided mounts have to compensate by being made of thicker metal to be durable enough while 2-sided mounts can be made of thinner metal and as a result – are lighter.

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