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Hey there! Welcome to my best motorcycle throttle lock review for 2023.

I spent 20 hours researching and testing 11 popular throttle locks available on the market. Then I ranked them based on versatility, ease of use, safety, adjustability, and value for money.

These are by far the best-performing throttle locks for motorcycles.

Best Overall


Type: Friction
Thumb activation: Yes
Quick release: Yes
Adjustable friction: ✅ Yes
Material: Stainless Steel

Runner Up


Type: Friction
Thumb activation: Yes
Quick release: ⚠️ No
Adjustable friction: ✅ Yes
Material: ⚠️ Plastic


Go Cruise

Type: Brake lever rest
Thumb activation:No
Quick release:No
Adjustable friction: ✅ Yes
Material: ✅ Aluminum

If you prefer simple bikes and don’t want a big and heavy top-end bike with lots of technology. But would prefer to have cruise control to reduce hand fatigue on longer rides and pay more attention to the road ahead instead of the speedometer not to get a speeding ticket.

Then choose one of these throttle locks to do just that.

Motorcycle Throttle Locks

Best Overall


  • Type: Friction
  • Thumb activation: Yes
  • Quick release: Yes
  • Adjustable friction: ✅ Yes
  • Material: Stainless Steel
What makes ATLAS stand out

Most intuitive cruise control alternative – it is so simple that you will quickly train muscle memory to engage and disengage without taking any of your focus from the road.
Quality Materials Make Better Products – ATLAS is made from stainless steel making it durable and compact. It does not take up any space on a grip leaving all handlebar width for your hand.
Allows micro-adjusting the throttle when engaged. You can set the speed with higher accuracy and make little adjustments once in a time if the road goes uphill or downhill.
Fastest disengage in emergency braking – possible to disengage with a thumb while closing the throttle and pressing the front breaks lever.
Buy once and use for multiple bikes – if you choose to sell your motorcycle, just take it off and install it on your new bike. It takes 5 minutes to install.

Pro Note: There are 2 versions of ATLAS throttle lock – the Top KIT and the Bottom KIT. If your bike has oxford heated grips installed – go for a TOP KIT since there is wiring in the way of a Bottom KIT.

Runner Up

#2 GUAIMI Cruise Control

  • Type: Friction
  • Thumb activation: Yes
  • Quick release: ⚠️ No
  • Adjustable friction: ✅ Yes
  • Material: ⚠️ Plastic
What makes this product stand out

Thumb engagement and disengagement: One-finger activation is intuitive and does not ask for your attention when fixating throttle in a certain position. Yet it is not as convenient as ATLAS and does require more input from your thumb
Adjustable friction level allows setting up throttle fixation power in a way that allows micro-adjusting the throttle once it is fixated. This way you can adjust the speed with more accuracy, especially if roads start going uphill or downhill. Also, if you need to close the throttle for emergency braking while applying front brakes – you can do it despite the throttle lock being engaged.
⚠️ Materials are not as durable as ATLAS and thumb disengagement is more challenging during emergency braking; however GUIAMI is a lot cheaper compared to ATLAS.
⚠️ Installation may require moving the right mirror and front brake mounts on the handlebar to the left. This means that the first rides might feel a little bit awkward until you adapt to the new controls position.

Best For Money

#3 Go Cruise

  • Type: Brake lever rest
  • Thumb activation:No
  • Quick release:No
  • Adjustable friction: ✅ Yes
  • Material: ✅ Aluminum
What makes this product stand out

Simple Design – you can literally keep this throttle lock in your pocket and use it on any motorcycle. Has a knob that allows adjusting how strongly it holds on the throttle so you can adjust it to your liking. Does hold the throttle in place with no problems.
Easy disengagement – push the throttle forward to close, not as easy as with push button release but still good.
⚠️ Requires some time to get used to using it. After muscle memory is there – it becomes unnoticeable. However, making micro-adjustments is not as convenient as with ATLAS.

Worth Mentioning

#4 Handlebar Bar-End Throttle Lock

  • Type: Friction
  • Thumb activation:No
  • Quick release:No
  • Adjustable friction: ⚠️ Low
  • Material: ✅ Aluminum
What makes this product stand out

⚠️ May cause handlebar vibration: This throttle lock replaces stock handlebar weights. The stock weights are designed to have a specific mass to decrease handlebar vibrations. However, using different mass weights increases vibrations and decreases comfort, causing numbness in the hands.
⚠️ Not convenient to use: Requires the use of a little finger for engagement which is not as convenient as using a thumb.

What to Consider Before Installing a Throttle Lock to Motorcycle

Check local laws and regulations: Before installing a throttle lock, make sure it’s legal to use in your area. For example, throttle locks are illegal in Germany and some states have laws against the use of throttle locks on motorcycles.

Compatibility: Ensure the throttle lock is compatible with your throttle and grips. For example, if you have heated grips installed and there are additional wires coming from the grip – make sure they are not interfering with a throttle lock. ATLAS has designed an upper-side lock and a down-side lock for this reason.

Safety: Consider the safety implications of using a throttle lock. You won’t be able to close the throttle as quickly in an emergency, so it’s crucial to only use a throttle lock in low-risk situations like outside the city. And do not over-tighten friction-type locks so you would be able to force-close the throttle with the lock engaged.

Benefits of Using a Throttle Lock on a Motorcycle

A throttle lock is a great addition to any motorcycle, offering a range of benefits to riders. Some of the key benefits of using a throttle lock include:

Improved Riding Comfort: With a throttle lock, you can maintain a constant speed on your bike without the need for cruise control. This helps to reduce wrist and hand fatigue on longer rides and journeys, making your ride more comfortable.

Concentrate More on the Road: With a throttle lock, you can concentrate more on the road ahead instead of constantly checking your speedometer. This will make your riding safer for the years to come.

Use Your Right Hand for Other Tasks: With a throttle lock in place, you can use your right hand to adjust navigation, turn on your action camera, or wave to fellow bikers passing by.

Avoid Speeding and Speed Tickets: Have you ever found yourself accidentally speeding by 20 mph over the limit just a few minutes after trying to follow the legal speed limit without noticing it? A throttle lock can help you avoid this problem and reduce the risk of getting a speed ticket. Whether you have an over-responsive throttle or simply struggle to keep your speed constant, a throttle lock can help you maintain a consistent speed on the road and keep you within the legal limit.

Better Fuel Efficiency: By riding with a more constant speed without unnecessary acceleration and deceleration, your bike will use less fuel, increasing its per-tank range and resulting in fewer fuel stops on your adventure.

Perfect for Entry-Level Bikes: Many entry-level and lower-capacity bikes do not come with electronic throttle controls, meaning they don’t have cruise control in stock. A throttle lock is a perfect solution for these bikes to travel on long stretches of road.

Safer Riding: A throttle lock can prevent accidental throttle twists on bumpy roads by making the throttle snugger to turn, resulting in a safer ride, especially on a bike with aggressive throttle response and on/off throttle character.

Versatile: A universal throttle lock can be easily used for different bikes in your garage, making it a versatile addition to your motorcycle accessory collection.

Types of Motorcycle Throttle Locks

Motorcycle throttle locks come in a variety of different designs, each with its own unique features and benefits. Some of the most popular types of throttle locks include:

Brake Lever Rests: These locks work by resting on the brake lever, They are very cheap and have an adjustable knob to control how strongly they hold the throttle. They are easy to install and will fit any motorcycle. On the downside, they are not very convenient to set up and to micro-adjust the speed if the road starts to go uphill or downhill.

Bar-end Friction Knob: Bar-end locks attach directly to the handlebar end, and use friction to hold the throttle in place by making contact with the throttle end when engaged. They have a discreet and low-profile design. However, they are activated using the little finger which is the least convenient engagement and disengagement approach. Also, such knobs often replace the stock handlebar weights leading to more handlebar vibrations.

Advanced Friction Plate Designs: Some throttle locks use advanced friction plate designs, providing a more precise and adjustable hold on the throttle. Moreover, such locks have spring mechanisms to quickly engage and disengage the throttle lock. Also, they are activated with a thumb which allows more precision when setting throttle position and may be faster disengaged during emergency braking. These locks are often more expensive than other types of locks but are a popular choice for riders who demand the highest level of performance and precision.

Cruise Control vs Throttle Locks: What is “Cruise control” on a motorcycle?

Cruise control on a motorcycle refers to a feature that automatically maintains a constant speed. It works by using sensors and electronic controls to regulate the throttle position and keep the speed constant, even when riding on hills or uneven terrain.

Cruise control is a popular feature on many high-end and touring motorcycles, but is not available on all bikes.

Throttle locks, on the other hand, are devices that can be added to a motorcycle to help maintain a constant speed without the use of electronic controls. They work by using friction, springs, or other mechanisms to hold the throttle in place, and are often easier and more affordable to install than cruise control systems.

While throttle locks and cruise control serve similar purposes, they are not interchangeable. Cruise control is a built-in feature on some motorcycles, while throttle locks are an aftermarket accessory that can be added to any bike.

Cruise control is a much more precise and safe option but it is available only on motorcycles with electronic throttle. For everyone else throttle sock is the closest available option.

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