4 Best foods for motorcycle camping

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Hi, Ernest here. There are 4 aspects to choosing food for a motorcycle tour, especially if it will last more than 3 days (3 weeks for example).

First of all, it should be nutritious. Eating junk/fast food for such a long period is bad for health. So our food should be healthy and contain all necessary macronutrients, vitamins, and fiber.

Secondly, we should be able to cook it in the morning when there is no chance of eating out. It should be ready in under 10 minutes when being boiled. I recommend using a portable Stove for this.

Third, it should be relatively compact and lightweight so it won’t take too much luggage space, as it is limited on motorcycles, duh.

Finally, it should have a long shelf life and not require cold storage as I don’t know of any bike that is equipped with a fridge. 🤣

Here are foods that I use myself.

#1 Nuts

My personal favorites are Pistaciuos. They contain loads of vitamins and healthy fats. They are highly saturating. And they do not require any cooking.

So if I want to have a break in a scenic location, which I do every 100 kilometers, I can have a healthy snack. Combine it with a cup of hot tea which I prepare in a thermos in the morning, and I get a nice relaxing 20-minute break from riding.

It is 10 times cheaper to buy a few kilos of Pistacious at your local store and bring them with you, rather than buy these at petrol stations.

#2 Freeze-dried Food

This is my favorite breakfast and supper. Don’t confuse it with fast food. Yes, you add hot water to the freeze-dried food the same way as in fast food.

However, freeze-dried food retains all the original vitamins, fiber, and macronutrients. This type of dehydrated food has had all its water content removed in a vacuum chamber through a specific process, ensuring that all the nutrients are preserved. This is similar to what cosmonauts eat in space.

So it is easy to prepare. You get healthy food. It has a long shelf life and it is easy to carry. I easily pack 40 portions which is enough for 3 weeks and I can prep them using my stove anywhere on the go in under 10 minutes.

This adds a lot of flexibility as I am no longer limited to cafes, petrol stations or supermarkets and I can stop wherever I want whenever I want to have lunch. The less planning I have to do the more peace of mind and enjoyment from the trip there is for me.

I have not tried them all, but these are getting decent reviews.

#3 canned tuna

Tuna is an excellent protein source. I prefer the one in olive oil as getting healthy unsaturated fats on the go is not that easy. It does add weight and takes up some space so it is better to buy 6-10 cans every few days along the way in local grocery stores.

#4 Pasta, Lentils, Buckwheat, Oats

Any carbohydrate that can be cooked within 10 minutes and that has a glycemic index under 50 is a healthy choice for daily intake. Again, these don’t take up much space in storage. Three kilos of buckwheat will cover carbs intake for 7 days. After that, you can buy more in a grocery store along the way.

Bottom Line

These are the foods that I take with me. I always use a combination of these as it is healthier to get nutrients from various food sources. My goal is to stay healthy while having the convenience of eating where I want and when I feel hungry.

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