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Hey There! 👋 Handlebar bag is basically a smaller version of a tank bag that does not influence your standing position and does not get in the way of the handlebar at full lock turns as a tank bag might.

The biggest pro for me is that it can actually be attached to the engine guards, subframe, or any other place on a motorcycle. My current bike has poor leg wind protection and on cold days I enjoy the added comfort for my knees.

Standard use cases include putting whatever is in your jeans pockets into it. Also, you can charge GoPro batteries, motorcycle power banks, and phone inside it since most bikes have USB chargers installed on the handlebar making it convenient to pave wire from the charger into the bag.

Things to consider when choosing a handlebar bag

  • Length – the bag should easily fit between the mirrors.
  • Waterproofness – even though the handlebar area usually is protected from rain by your windshield as you ride. A waterproof bag is always a plus on a motorcycle, especially if you plan to keep electronics inside.
  • Capacity – I don’t need it to be big since it is located on a handlebar, 2 liters of volume is enough for my needs.
  • Enclosure type – should be convenient to open and close with motorcycle gloves. I prefer the roll-top closure with velcro since it allows me to curl up and compress it when it is empty so it takes less space.
  • Shape – The bag should not cover the dashboard. Handlebar bag usually fits better on adventure bikes with wide handlebar and high-mounted dashboards like Tenere 700 or Africa Twin.
  • Pockets – I prefer separating camera gear and batteries from other items so I prefer it to have 2 compartments inside.

Best Overall


Capacity: 3.5 Litres (Approx.)
L/W/H: 26/14/9 cm
Attachment: Straps
⚠️ No, rain cover included
Closure Type:
Internal Pockets: ⚠️ No

Benefits & Features

✅ Easy to open with gloves.

✅ Waterproof zipper. The zipper has rubberized lips that won’t allow water through in the rain.

✅ Multiple attachment options with Plastic and soft D-rings. For the secure attachment on the motorcycle handlebar – it is better to have 4 attachment points with 2 below and 2 on the sides. This way the bag won’t move out of position.

✅ Has reflective elements that enhance passive safety. However, due to the location on the motorcycle – these reflective elements are probably not going to change anything.

✅ Has elastic straps on top. Convenient during short stops for putting gloves under these straps. For example at a petrol station.

⚠️ Not Waterproof. It has a rain cover included that will make it rainproof. However, out of my personal experience, I won’t stop on the side of the road to put it on. Good to have it though.

RunNer Up

#2 Giant Loop

Capacity: 1.5 Litres
Length/Diameter: 25cm/13cm
Attachment: Straps
⚠️ No
Closure Type:
Internal Pockets: ✅ Yes

Benefits & Features

✅ Has internal pockets for organizing items.

✅ Fits nicely on adventure bikes. Sort of like a small glovebox. Very practical for offroad riding. Not big, but has enough space to throw all items from my pockets into it so I can move on a bike more freely in a standing position.

✅ Easy to mount and does not occupy all space on the handlebar leaving space for a phone mount and my TPMS system.

✅ Quick access with a Zipper

⚠️Not waterproof – The zipper is not waterproof.

⚠️ Maybe a bit lose on a handlebar. I recommend ZIP-tying “side ears” to the handlebar so it wouldn’t wiggle around on bumps.

Best Waterproof Handlebar Bag


Capacity: 1.5 Litres (approx.)
L/H/W: 30/11/5cm
Attachment: Straps
✅ Yes
Closure Type:
Internal Pockets: ✅ Yes

Benefits & Features

✅ Secure attachment with 4 fastening points. Comes with velcro straps that fixate side ears to the handlebar for a snug fit. Won’t wiggle out of position due to a wind or bumpy road.

✅ Waterproof. The zipper has specific lips that make it waterproof in rain compared to the Giant Loop bag. The bag is made of PVC which is inherently water-resistant and does not absorb moisture.

✅ The zipper is easy to operate with gloves on.

✅ HAs internal pockets for item separation.

⚠️ Note that It is just 5 centimeters wide/deep. Will easily fit phones, wallets, and other small items, but bigger diameter items like tire pumps or water bottles won’t fit.

Most Stylish Handlebar Bag


Capacity: 3 Litres (approx.)
L/H/W: 30/11/9 cm
⚠️ Use Zip-ties
Waterproofness: ❌
Closure Type:
plastic buckles
Internal Pockets: ❌ No

Benefits & Features

✅ Stylish for cruisers and supplements vintage retro looks on some bikes. ⚠️ Does not look good on adventure bikes.

⚠️ The straps that it comes with are garbage. Use Zip ties to attach it to the handlebar on an adventure bike or to the fork legs on a cruiser or naked bike. Consider the type of fork on your bike – it must not get in the way of suspension as it compresses on bumps.

⚠️ Not Waterproof. Has holes on the sides when closed, water will find its way inside during rain.

Worth Mentioning

#5 Wodpice

Capacity: 2.3 Litres (Approx.)
L/W/H: 32/9/11 cm
Attachment: Straps
⚠️ No
Closure Type:
Zipper + Velcro cover
Internal Pockets: ✅ Yes

Benefits & Features

✅ Has a transparent phone pocket. However, I like open phone holders more since it is easier to operate the touch-screen without the plastic cover on top. Anyway – this pocket is still a useful feature.

✅ D-rings on the sides enables secure positioning and fixation on the handlebar.

✅ The sizing and shape are very practical allowing it to fit a 1-liter water bottle but not being too big to the point where it covers the dashboard or makes the handlebar too bulky.

⚠️ When the pullover cover is open, it comes into contact with the tank and will cause scratches on the paint around the filler cap over time.

⚠️ Not Waterproof. It is made from nylon and spandexItem which are not waterproof. They will repel water to some extent but eventually will absorb moisture.

The Bottom Line

To sum up – consider capacity, waterproofness, attachment options, and closure type.

Among the top contenders, the ODINSBERG offers easy access and multiple attachment points, the Giant Loop is practical for off-road adventures, and the KEMIMOTO is waterproof. Evaluate your needs and preferences to find the ideal handlebar bag for added convenience and storage while riding.

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